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New Language Curriculum

Parental Guide issued by the NCCA

  1. A one page leaflet answers key questions from parents about the curriculum
  2. A two-page leaflet gives more details on these key questions parents have about the curriculum
  3. Help improve children’s literacy and numeracy skills
  4. Resources to support literacy and numeracy in Irish


  1. Assessment explained

Healthy Lunch Ideas

We establish our eating habits at a young age. What we eats affects our own immediate health, and for those who are still young, it will make a significant difference to how healthy they are in later life. That is why we support healthy eating for all the children in the school. We wish to encourage children to develop positive and responsible attitudes to healthy eating and to appreciate the contribution that good food makes to health.

  1. Research Studies

  1. Healthy Lunch Ideas

Parent Teacher Meetings

The scheduled Parent/Teacher meetings are usually held on the last Thursday in November after school. The purpose of these meetings is to provide an opportunity to update both you the parents and the teacher on how your child is doing this academic year. We, the staff, would really appreciate you adhering to the time allocated to you on the afternoon. If you feel you wish to spend longer speaking with the teacher, he/she will be happy to arrange a separate appointment. Also, if the time allocated does not suit you, the teacher will be happy to reschedule

Enrolment Application Form

  1. Cloneen Enrolment Application Form

Child Safeguarding

Our Updated Child Safeguarding statement can be found here

  1. Child Safeguarding Statement
  2. Notice of Review of CSS 2019-2020
  3. Board of Management's Notice of Review of Child Safeguarding Statement


  1. sept_newsletter.docx
  2. dec_newsletter.docx
  3. jan_newsletter.docx
  4. march_newsletter.docx

Complaints Procedure

  1. Procedure


Cloneen National School Policies

  1. Cloneen NS Pupil Absence Form
  2. Administration of Medicine Policy
  3. Anti-Bullying Policy
  4. Attendance Strategies Policy
  5. Child Safeguarding Statement Policy
  6. Code of Behaviour Policy
  7. Admisssions Policy
  8. Health & Safety Statement Policy
  9. Risk Assessment Policy
  10. Substance Use Policy
  11. Whistleblowing Policy